Live feeds chaos ahead of Eviction Ceremony

Live feeds chaos ahead of Eviction Ceremony

Cameron BB25 Hat
Cameron Hardin has made it to at least the Big Brother 25 jury. Pic credit: CBS

Chaos has consumed the Big Brother 25 house. Again.

They don’t call it Waffle Wednesday for nothing.

And the producers are loving it.

The October 3 episode of Big Brother 25 pushed the narrative that a backdoor was coming.

The episode ended as Cameron Hardin was about to reveal his plans for the Power of Veto.

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And for anyone who doesn’t know yet, Cameron didn’t even use it.

He pocketed the POV and kept his nominations the same.

Felicia Cannon or Mecole Hayes will go home

Cameron decided that he wanted Felicia to go home first. He wants to keep Felicia out of the jury house.

It’s a sound strategy because Cameron feels Felicia is against him.

He helped pave that road when Cameron turned down Felicia’s request to work together.

It may have been better for his game to backdoor Cory Wurtenberger.

Cory, America Lopez, Jag Bains, and Matt Klotz hatched a plan to overthrow the Big Brother HOH.

Rather than go along with Cameron’s plan, they discussed voting out Mecole.

Mecole is viewed as a threat to win the game, even though she hasn’t won any challenges.

And the quartet knows Felicia is against Cameron, so keeping her in the game could benefit them.

But this is also an indecisive group of houseguests.

More chatter about flipping the Big Brother eviction vote

Felicia has been on the campaign trail Wednesday (October 4). She is pushing for a chance to stay in the game.

Four votes will decide who goes home, and this is a big Eviction Ceremony.

This is the last eviction that sends someone home. After Thursday night (October 5), evicted houseguests will become BB25 jury members.

Residing in the jury house leads to a nice paycheck from playing this season of Big Brother. It’s not quite the $750,000 prize for being named the Big Brother 25 winner, but the stipends are substantial.

As for the drama, Cory Wurtenberger and America Lopez are making plans with Felicia. If she stays, they plan to work together. Part of the plan is for Felicia to tell people she is targeting Cory and America.

Meanwhile, Bowie Jane, Cameron, and Jag Bains are planning out who to blame for a vote flip if it happens.

Plans are now in place to flip the vote and save Felicia. Mecole would not see this coming unless someone warned her about it.

But back to this being Waffle Wednesday. Will the chaos lead to a vote flip? It may not get decided until host Julie Chen Moonves asks them on Thursday night.

This is a good time for Big Brother fans to turn on the live feeds.

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Big Brother 25 airs on CBS.

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