Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart Stage “Just Friends” Reunion

Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart Stage “Just Friends” Reunion

It’s the reunion you didn’t know you needed. Eighteen years after Amy Smart and Ryan Reynolds exited the friend zone in 2005 rom com Just Friends, the co-stars have reunited for an ad for Reynolds’ Aviation American Gin. 

The two-minute commercial spot has Smart and Reynolds reprising their roles as Chris Brander and Jamie Palamino, playing out an emotional scenario against a green screen. 

“How was work?” Reynolds asks Smart, as she returns home from work. “Mm, I’ve had better days. The bar ran out of Aviation American Gin,” she says, holding a bottle of Reynolds’ gin. “Oh no, that’s so bad. That’s terrible. They ran out of Aviation American Gin,” Reynolds responds before Smart asks to cut.

While Smart is not convinced about the green screen approach to a cozy home decorated for the holidays, Reynolds assures her it will look convincing in post-production. As they run through the scene again, Reynolds decides to heighten the situation by shouting, “F—k,” when his wife says they ran out of gin at work. 

“That was a big reaction,” Smart counters, to which Reynolds says, “Well, it’s been 18 years. I think the characters have changed a bit, so I’m sort of playing it like that in my head.”

Smart questions why she’s holding an unopened bottle of gin if they indeed ran out of it. Reynolds explains that she picked up a bottle from one of their “many well-respected retail partners.” 

“So this is a stupid ad for your gin company?” she asks him, as Reynolds tries to defend the endeavor. “Well, let’s not rush to judgment before all the facts are in. I mean, this is a self-funded sequel, predicated on a loose interpretation of IP law…so, yes, it is an ad for my Aviation American Gin,” the actor concedes. 


“Wow. Dirty,” responds an unimpressed Smart, as she walks off stage. 

Watch the entire self-funded sequel below.

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