‘The Bachelorette’ alum Katie Thurston responds to backlash about her ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ appearance

‘The Bachelorette’ alum Katie Thurston responds to backlash about her ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ appearance

The Bachelorette alum Katie Thurston has responded to harsh criticism about her Bachelor in Paradise appearance, when she reunited with her ex-fiance Blake Moynes after two years of not speaking.

On Bachelor in Paradise‘s November 16 episode, Katie entered the Paradise beach in Mexico and announced how she was single. She then immediately pulled Blake — who had already established a strong connection with Jess Girod — aside for a chat.


Katie appeared to confuse Blake by apologizing for how she had handled their October 2021 breakup and talking about how much she truly loved him and cared for him, and the conversation left Jess feeling anxious, abandoned and insecure.

However, Katie didn’t go on Bachelor in Paradise to date; she was on there to host a roast.

“Ick. Just watched Bachelor in Paradise. Shame on you. Totally classless and tacky,” a troll wrote of Katie on social media on Friday after the episode aired, according to Us Weekly.

“No wonder you’re single. If I could roast you, I’d tell you to get some Romaine, do some stumpy leg exercises and grow a decent personality. Unfollowing for sure.”

Instead of clapping back or responding with a zinger, Katie decided to take the high road.

“Happy women don’t put strangers down,” Katie replied. “Best of luck healing with whatever negativity you’re going through in life. I hope you find happiness.”

The Bachelorette’s Season 17 star clearly chose to keep it classy.

But on Bachelor in Paradise, Katie didn’t exactly hold back.

During her conversation with Blake on the beach, she pointed out how Jess was a lot younger than him. And then at the roast, Katie quipped in front of the whole cast, “It’s no surprise Jess’ name is ‘Baby Jess.’ Blake used to make me call him ‘Daddy.'”

Katie also hinted to Bachelor in Paradise producers that she still had lingering feelings for Blake.


When asked in a confessional if she still loved Blake two years after their split, Katie acknowledged it was a hard question, and then instead of answering it, she just broke down into tears and seemed overwhelmed with emotion.

Katie had accepted a marriage proposal from Blake during The Bachelorette’s Season 17 finale, which aired in early August 2021, but the couple called off their engagement less than two months later.

Katie then went Instagram official with one of her Week 2 The Bachelorette eliminees, John Hersey, in November 2021.


Katie faced criticism and hate online for having moved on from her former fiance too quickly with a “rebound,” and Blake believed Katie had emotionally cheated on him.

But both Katie and John denied any wrongdoing in the press, and Katie insisted her relationship with John didn’t begin until her relationship with Blake was over.

Katie and John — a San-Diego based bartender — then announced in late June 2022 that the couple had called it quits on their relationship. John was actually the one who had dumped Katie.

On Bachelor in Paradise‘s ninth season, Katie and her ex-fiance discussed how they had broken up, over the phone, in late October 2021. Blake confessed that he was “tripping” over seeing Katie again, and their conversation started out with an awkward vibe.

“We haven’t talked, [but] I sent you a bunch of voice memos. I don’t know if you even listened to them,” Katie said.

“I did. There were six different voice notes and I remember them all pretty clearly,” Blake confirmed.

“I could feel the emotion in those voice notes, but I was also super bitter in that moment,” he elaborated, “and so I didn’t want to respond. After what happened, you were in a relationship and I wasn’t overly excited about that. It was a bit of a dagger, and so I said, ‘I don’t owe her that.'”

Katie said she totally agreed with Blake and that’s why she had never reached out again and chose to respect his boundaries, his peace and his space.

Katie proceeded to apologize to Blake for the way things had played out, and she added, “If I could go back and redo it all, I would. I wanted you to know that what we went through was real to me.”

Katie’s eyes were filling up with tears as she spoke, and Blake said that when he looked at her, there was a lot of “good” to remember from their short-lived romance.


While Katie and Blake spoke, Jess complained about how she wouldn’t be able to compete with any lingering feelings Blake might have for Katie. Jess was on the verge of giving up. She said felt like an idiot and that her ego had been bruised.

“My experience here went to sh-t. I just feel like nothing went the way I thought it would,” Jess complained to Rachel Recchia.

Jess, in fact, was thinking about quitting the show and returning home single.

Meanwhile, Katie explained to Blake how she felt a natural energy, familiarity and comfort with him after everything they had been through. Katie said their reunion was “a lot to take in,” but Blake admitted he couldn’t think about them as a couple because it really threw him off.

Katie said she regretted how she had handled everything; however, their love, connection and memories were all very real to her.

“You’re definitely throwing me for a loop right now,” Blake responded.

Katie explained how everything was stacked against them after the show, including how they lived in different countries. (Blake currently resides in Canada and travels frequently to different countries for his work in animal conservation).

“I stayed true to my feelings in the moment, even after… our relationship, even after other relationships. It’s always been Blake; you’ve never been a default,” Katie told Blake.

Katie concluded that she was happy to see Blake, and then when a producer asked Katie if she still loved Blake, Katie said, “Don’t ask that question!”

As Katie fidgeted around and avoided contact with the camera, she suddenly looked up and had eyes full of tears.

“Oh f-ck!” she said.

Blake didn’t know how to react or deal with the situation. He felt totally overwhelmed and confused.


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